Deactivating explosives

In this game, mix of escape room and espionage tactics, you will have to demonstrate your abilities to infiltrate the enemy base without the guards detecting you and perform several missions to retrieve secret documents, place microphones to spy on the enemy or deactivate codes to open a briefcase or a door, all in absolute secrecy to avoid being caught.

All players start at the same time in an exit zone. They are assigned a mission, which can be individual or collaborative and they have a maximum time to carry it out. If a guard catches them, they return to the starting point, they revive and continue the mission from the point where they were. Once the objective of the mission is achieved, the players must go to the assigned extraction point, without being discovered. The guard role will always be carried out by the organizers.

The rules of the game are very simple:

1. I work alone and as a team.
1. I work alone and as a team. In some missions the objective will be individual and in another you will have to collaborate to achieve the mission. Our enigmas and tests can be solved with a good dose of logic and good teamwork. Everything that has to be opened will open without the application of physical force. Please, be respectful with the objects and the scenographies, do not break and do not take anything from the facilities and do not move the objects that are not indicated to you.

2. The Facilities of the Organization.
You will move through a forest area, so you have to be respectful with the environment and be careful not to trip over branches or roots. Think that stealth is your best weapon. It is also advisable to wear appropriate footwear that holds the foot and ankle, such as hiking boots or sneakers.

3. Game duration.
The duration of a game is 2 hours. Punctuality is essential. You must arrive 10 minutes before the time specified for the session.

Solving Puzzles
4. Respect the game.
You can use the mobile to make calculations, guide or solve clues, we ask you not to explain and do not take photos of the tests so that others can have an optimal experience.

5. From what age can you play?
The minimum age is 6 years. Children under 14 must always be accompanied by an adult throughout the game to help and guide.

6. Responsibilities.
Participants will be responsible for the proper use of the facilities and games. The company can claim them, in case of damage caused by the misuse of objects or tools used during the game. The organizers reserve the right of admission in the participation of the activity, both to individual clients and to the whole group, in the event that drug, alcohol or any misconduct is detected.

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