Is it scary? Is it dangerous?
here are no dangerous elements or anything that can scare you, although the plot itself can give you chills at certain times, we do not intend to scare anyone. You will be moving through a forest so you will have to be careful with branches, roots, pinecones, holes and other elements of the forest.

Do I need specific knowledge to solve the riddles? Do I need to use force at some point?
All our enigmas and tests can be solved with a good dose of logic and good teamwork. Everything that has to be opened will open without the application of physical force. Please be respectful with the objects and the scenographies, do not break and do not take anything from the facilities and do not move the objects that are not indicated to you.

How many players do we need to be in order to play a game?
The minimum for a session is 6 players and the maximum number is 20.

How old can you play?
The minimum age is 14 years. The permission of the parents or guardians is always required.

What happens if we are late?
Punctuality is essential. You must arrive 10 minutes before the time specified for the session.

What happens if it rains? Can you play?
Bad weather does not affect the development of the game. If there was heavy rain or a lot of wind the game would stop until it passes or we finish the game making a compensation according to the time played.

Is it necessary to reserve my game?
Yes. To do this you have to make the reservation through the web or by sending an email. The game can be canceled up to 48 hours before the reserved day and the full deposit will be refunded. You can also modify the reservation and change the day and time according to availability in that period. If you do not contact us within 48 hours we can not make cancellation or modification and the amount can not be refunded.

Is there a place nearby to buy drinks and to eat something?
Yes, we sell coffees, soft drinks, snacks and chocolates. Nearby there are several restaurants and we have a picnic area. We also have Activity Pack + Menu, you can check the prices Aqui

If you have more questions or doubts, write to us at infospyops@gmail.com

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