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The person making the reservation is responsible for the following rules and obligations for anyone who brings the activity by booking:

Internal Regulation. Access to the gaming area is strictly reserved for TACTICAL SPY OPS customers, under the supervision of its monitors. < br> < br> TACTICAL SPY OPS puts at your disposal all the means and personnel necessary for your safety, but this depends above all on your attitude and respect for the slogans you will receive during the initiation.
  1. All safety rules, schedules and shifts must be respected, being prohibited from entering the game area outside the reserved sessions.
  2. The game sessions must be paid before starting the activity. Offers are not cumulative between them.
  3. It is not allowed to go to the non-active areas of the game, since other activities that require protection may be taking place.
  4. Listen carefully to the instructions prior to the activity. Have your equipment checked by a monitor before starting the activity.
  5. It is totally forbidden to exchange vests, helmets, markers or any other type of additional material that is delivered, among the users. The material will only be handled by the personnel of TACTICAL SPY OPS.
  6. The participant is responsible for the rented material from the moment of delivery until the return of the same, the damage caused to the material originated by some type of inappropriate and inappropriate use, will be paid by the participant and in case of loss of the material should pay its full value as new.
  7. It is forbidden to carry items that could cause injury or be dangerous for other components or players or for himself in case of fall or accident.
  8. The use of any type of non-simulated weapon, as well as bladed weapons, detonators or signals, pellets, pellets, pyrotechnic devices, etc. is not allowed.
  9. Disrespect other members. One of the fundamental rules that we apply in TACTICAL SPY OPS is respect for others. We trust that you will be responsible and will know how to maintain the basic rules of respect both to the people who participate, and to the good use of the material and the play area. TACTICAL SPY OPS reserves the right to expel from the field of play any person who disrespects both other clients and the monitors. In this case the money will not be returned.
  10. Respect nature and the forest. It is forbidden to throw any kind of garbage into the forest, use the bins. It is totally forbidden to smoke or make any form of fire possible in the forest due to the risk of fires, except in the places specifically authorized for that purpose. Clients assume responsibility for any damages they may cause. Avoid throwing garbage anywhere in the field, except for those that are explicitly enabled to do so. If there are no items for the deposit of waste, each player must take it with him until he can deposit it where appropriate.
  11. It is prohibited to climb trees or climb dangerous slopes. It will not be possible to exceed the safety zones that delimit unevenness.
  12. It is strictly forbidden to scare or / and shoot people outside the game or animals in the area.
  13. The eliminated players must remain silent, avoiding comments or attitudes that could betray the opponent that has eliminated us. During the time that a player remains eliminated, you should avoid shouting or comments that could distract the players that are operative.
  14. All children under 18 who wish to carry out activities and who are not accompanied by their parents or guardians, must bring an authorization signed by the parents or guardians. In addition, they must prove their age by showing their ID or similar.
  15. We recommend comfortable sportswear with forest tones. The use of sports shoes, preferably suitable footwear that holds your feet and ankles, such as mountain boots, is mandatory. It is recommended to wear long pants.
  16. TACTICAL SPY OPS reserves the right not to accept the entry or exclude any person, the behavior of which is not compatible with the sporting or ecological spirit of the activity: offensive language towards other clients or monitors, intoxication, strong agitation, problematic person, etc. It is strictly forbidden to instigate, encourage or participate in violent situations.
  17. The client will have the right to cancel the reservation. If the cancellation occurs 72 hours before the reserved timethe amount of the reservation will be refunded. After this time the reservation will not be refunded.
  18. In case of adverse weather conditions (strong wind, rain, storm), the direction of the playing field reserves the right to evacuate temporarily or permanently for the safety of customers. If the final closure of the play area is decided for the rest of the day before 1 hour of the start of the activity, they will be given a free ticket for each ticket paid. If the activity started more than 1 hour ago, you will receive a 2x1 discount for each ticket purchased. The possession of any of the two tickets, does not exempt the client from making the reservation for the day he decides to use them.
  19. TACTICAL SPY OPS will not be held responsible for any accident that may occur in the case of not having complied with safety regulations, improper use of the material, nor is it responsible in case of theft or loss of objects of the clients.
  20. Users are obliged to report any injury or anomaly that may affect their physical integrity or the correct progression of activity (vertigo, injuries, heart problems, asthma, deafness, blindness, etc.)
  21. The address reserves the right to make the modifications it deems necessary in terms of schedules, availability of the game area and access to it.
  22. If these rules are not respected, you put at risk your physical integrity and that of others, for which you do it under your responsibility, running the risk of being expelled from the gaming area without the right to reimbursement of the amount on the acquired entry.
  23. There are risks of injuries, arising from any participation in laser tag activities and / or the equipment required to participate in such laser tag activities, so TACTICAL SPY OPS can not be held responsible for a fortuitous accident, such as sprains , falls, bumps, scratches, etc.
The management of TACTICAL SPY OPS, acting as manager of the gaming area, can not be held responsible for any accident that may occur in the case of not respecting the rules of this internal regulation, the terrain, animals, movements , the effects of the weather or any other element external to the organization. < br> < br> Sincerely, < br> The direction.

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