We present a new type of game that mixes the enigmas of an escape room and the techniques of infiltration of war games and spies (like Metal Gear video games). In this game, escape room type, instead of a room you will be playing outdoors, in a forest area, where the base of the enemy is located.

In the game you will have to perform several missions to recover secret documents, place microphones to spy on the enemy or deactivate codes to open a briefcase or a door, while infiltrating the enemy base without the guards detecting you.

You must use the ingenuity of all the participants to find the solution to the enigmas (escape room style) and also use infiltration tactics (as in laser tag war games) to get into the enemy base and defeat the plans of an evil terrorist organization.

n this type of escape room you will have to test your skills of observation and logic as well as some physical activity, since you will have to move, bend, and be very stealthy. In our game stealth, espionage, tracking and infiltration tactics and teamwork are fundamental to successfully carry out the mission and defeat the terrorist organization.

A new and fun way to spend time outdoors, in the middle of a natural environment and enjoy with your family, your friends or your work colleagues. Come and take a good memory of your adventures feeling like a spy at 007.

The duration of a session will be 2 hours. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult who participates throughout the session. The minimum age to play will be 6 years.

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